How We're Different


The production and use of beauty products can have a significant environmental impact, from the extraction of raw materials to the disposal of packaging. By adopting sustainable practices, the beauty industry can reduce its environmental footprint and help protect the planet.

At Kindface, we're going above and beyond to ensure our process is an friendly to the environment as possible.

Our brushes are made using 100% certified sustainably-sourced wooden handles and our recyclable aluminum ferrules are produced in a closed-loop manufacturing process.

Our brushes come in recyclable cardboard packaging, with no plastic packaging. The brush-head covers are entirely biodegradable. We ship in eco-friendly cardboard boxes and fillings.

Our brushes are designed to last, using high-quality materials. You can recycle all packagings. You can also compost your brush-head covers, or use them to reshape your brushes after washing and protect them while traveling.

Our brushes
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